I've made a blog

Not too long ago I made a blog at substack and really had no idea what to do with it. Not who it was for, not what I'd write. I wrote one post that was, i think fine, but it didn't get a lot of clicks. Frustratingly it got a lot more clicks than engagement.

It's possible that it has something to do wth it being substack. I could produce a post as shiney as anything else out there but my writing wasn't that strong. There was this sense that I was writing for the whole wide world or at least could be. But I actually need a much smaller audience. Something a bit more like social media. I'm not on FB anymore, left when they banned Australia. I was too picky about the kind of engagement I was getting but I did like that occasionally people read and appreciated what I wrote.

I get some of that on twitter now, but honestly I don't do well on there. Get sucked into unhelpful stuff and dont have an impetus to develop my ideas.

Why Zonelet?

I came across this because the incomparable Everest Pipkin

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